LED strip pendant light

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About This Project

Pendant lights made from an old oak beams. The beams were prepared to be used as a firewood but luckily they found a better purpose. The beam are hand carved and 3 to 5 m of LED strip are placed inside and covered with semi-transparent white epoxy resin. LED strip operates on 12 V DC over the (built into the beam itself). As with all old wood, after cleaning it thoroughly (also treated against fungi) we can really admire the texture, new wood can not ever compare to it.


Lenght = 80-120 cm
Height = 15 cm
Depth = 8 cm
Length of the chain: approx. 40 cm
Maximum suspended lenght = approx. 55 cm
Weight = 8-12 kg


To make a custom light in specific dimensions please contact me. If not, you can find the ones I already created in my Etsy online shop.