Wooden LED ambient lights

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About This Project

Wooden ambient light with LED bulbs.


Around 10 years ago, when LEDs were not so advanced and popular like now, I was playing with some timber I found laying around and wanted to make some ambient light that would look more like stars. It was quite complex work, all the wiring inside the wood, but I liked the result. So now I decided to make a few in different shapes and to see how else I could try to continue to improve them. These ones are not made from a piece of wood found just laying around but from a better piece. Nevertheless, the power adapter is an old phone charger, living his new life, which makes me happy. As I adore neon lights, I often incorporate some glow in the dark powder in the resin to give it some cool night glow. After it’s charged during the daytime or with some lights, it will glow quite strong for 30 minutes and then less and less throughout the night, up to 8 hours. It’s a really cool effect but also really hard to capture good on photo.


Height = approx. 50 cm
Width = 20-30 cm
Thickness = 4 cm (feet 14 cm)
Weight = approx. 1-2 kg


To make a custom light in specific dimensions please contact me. If not, you can find the ones I already created in my Etsy online shop.