Wooden serving boards

Serving boards
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About This Project

Wooden serving boards.


Height = 50 cm
Width = 25-30 cm
Thickness = 4-5 cm
Weight = 2-4 kg


The finish coating used is beeswax which gives smooth and silky shine. Small holes and cracks in the wood are filled with epoxy resin.


This board can be used to present any type of food for aperitifs or large family meals for example. It gives the table a look both festive and chic.


All boards are unique items. They are carved out by hand from a single piece of wood. I prefer to use walnut, ash, beech and oak but I also use cherry for it’s nice colour, spruce and pine. Some may have similar dimensions or could come from a same tree so they can make a serving set. To make a custom board from a different type of wood or in specific dimensions please contact me. If not, you can find the ones I already created in my Etsy online shop.